Fluor's Strong HSE Culture

Fluor develops the health, safety and environmental (HSE) programs, processes and trainings to help our operations plan and execute work safely. But we know that this is not enough. To truly be world class at HSE requires a caring, preventive safety culture.

Everyone — from craft workers to senior leaders — must embrace this paradigm of care, called Safer Together, that empowers each of us to own our safety culture.

Fluor's HSE Management System establishes uniform requirements for all Fluor operations. It provides a common framework for how Fluor employees execute HSE at projects and offices and ensures global consistency in the application of Fluor's HSE practices. It is a critical part of the way Fluor does business.

The use of this integrated, consistent company-wide approach to HSE provides the following benefits:

  • Competitive advantage to clients through reliability and reduced risk
  • Efficiencies in the execution of work
  • Greater opportunities to provide solutions to HSE challenges.
  • Improved tracking that indicates the way the company is managing our HSE impact

Life Critical Operations

One of the most important aspects of Fluor's HSE Management System is our Life Critical℠ operations requirements.

Consistent with our goal of eliminating injuries and illnesses in the workplace, Fluor reviewed our own experiences and benchmarked with other companies and industry groups to sharpen our focus on the precursors that can lead to serious injuries or fatalities. Fluor's Life Critical operations integrate important check points in Fluor's pre-job planning procedures and our auditing and inspection processes to ensure that hazards are thoroughly identified and appropriately controlled.

HSE Awards Program

We're proud of our safety achievements. Fluor's HSE Star Awards are designed to recognize projects and offices for the effective application of Fluor's HSE Management System, implementation of HSE leading indicators, and outstanding HSE performance. In 2021, nine sites received an HSE Star Award.

The Silver Medallion honors employees who act heroically to save another's life. We recognized 22 recipients for their life-saving actions in 2021, ranging from assisting choking victims to taking swift action during mental health crises.

Our Employees Take HSE Culture Home with Them

Fluor employees take our HSE culture from the jobsite and the office home with them. Their children create beautiful artwork with bold messages for our annual employee engagement contest. Together, employees and their families are making sustainable living practices a reality and improving our communities.