Fluor Ethics and Compliance

Fluor strives to move beyond compliance with laws and regulations, approaching ethics issues proactively. We continually improve and enhance our ethics and compliance program by monitoring evolving risks and benchmarking best practices in our company, our industry and the global business community.

Ethical Leadership

Throughout Fluor's history, we have made ethical conduct a priority, as integrity has been one of the company's enduring values. Fluor aims to instill a strong ethical standard into its business culture. Our leadership continuously expresses the critical importance that ethical conduct and anti-corruption plays for the success of every employee and business partner, the growth of our company and the benefit of all our stakeholders.

The Code and Related Policies

Fluor's Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (the Code) is the centerpiece of the commitment Fluor has made to conduct business with the highest standards of integrity. Fluor finds every incident of corruption, no matter how small, to be unacceptable. Fluor's Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy sets forth clear standards for employees to apply to every business environment and context.

Third Party Expectations

Fluor suppliers, contractors, and other third parties are key participants in our quest for high standards of business conduct. They are expected to maintain the highest standards of integrity and to comply with the laws and regulations that govern their business and the business they do on behalf of Fluor. Fluor requires all our suppliers and contractors to comply, and in turn require their suppliers and contractors to comply, with Fluor's Business Conduct and Ethics Expectations for Suppliers and Contractors (the Supplier Expectations).

Compliance and Ethics Program Structure

Fluor's management and Board of Directors are committed to ensuring the company has an effective Compliance and Ethics Program. The company's Compliance and Ethics Committee, made up of cross-functional senior management, supports the company to ensure that we operate with the highest ethical business standards.

Worker Welfare

We believe in supporting and protecting the health, safety, welfare, security, and dignity of each worker on our projects. Ethical recruitment and employment practices, safe work practices, as well as safe and healthy living and working conditions are critical elements of delivering our work.

Compliance and Ethics in Action

Fluor holds itself to high standards of ethics going beyond compliance with the law. Fluor's commitment is simply this: to do the right thing. Fluor has developed standards, including the Code, and works to ensure that its employees have the tools, knowledge, and resources to adhere to them. Additionally, frequent communications on relevant compliance and ethics topics are provided through email, leadership communications and internal articles. These communications raise awareness, provide timely insight on a variety of compliance and ethics topics and provide answers to frequently asked questions.

Compliance and Ethics Risk Management

Fluor's approach to managing compliance risk begins with our subject matter experts and business leaders identifying compliance challenges in the industry and understanding how those challenges relate to our business, our strategy and third parties with whom we do business.

Getting Help and Reporting Concerns

Fluor employees, clients, suppliers, subcontractors and other third-party business partners can ask questions about the Code or raise any concern through Fluor's Compliance & Ethics Integrity Portal & Hotline, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Additional Information

For additional information about compliance and ethics at Fluor, see our annual sustainability reporting.