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Supplier & Contractor Portal

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This portal is for suppliers, contractors and other organizations interested in working with Fluor.

Fluor uses Workday as part of the business-to-business (B2B) process, facilitating collaboration with our supply chain in fulfilling material and service requirements.

Once created, be sure to keep your company profile up to date so we always have your current information.

What the Supplier and Contractor Information Portal is:

  • It lets us know you are interested in working with Fluor.

  • It provides Fluor and Fluor's global employees with your company's information.

What the Supplier and Contractor Information Portal is not:

  • It is not an RFQ, RFP or bidding system. No bid opportunities come directly from it.

  • It is not a qualifications system. Creating a profile does not mean your company has been qualified for work with Fluor.

What We Buy

The major categories of goods and services Fluor buys include:

  • Architectural

  • Civil

  • Construction Indirects

  • Corporate Indirects – Administrative Procurement and Contracts

  • Electrical Equipment and Bulks

  • Industrial Paint and Insulation

  • Instrumentation

  • Logistics

  • Piping/Valves/Fittings

  • Process Equipment

  • Structural

Business Conduct Expectations for Suppliers and Contractors

Fluor expects its third parties to maintain the highest standards of integrity.

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Supplier Diversity Program

Fluor is committed to achieving excellence in supplier diversity throughout its businesses.

Our Supplier Diversity Program is a proactive business initiative that seeks to expand the opportunities offered to diverse suppliers, building upon our combined strengths to drive mutual success.

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Warning — Fraudulent Invoices / Orders

Fluor has been notified of fraudulent communications, including invoices and orders for goods/materials sent from impostors via email, phone, fax or mail.

Check the email address — Verify the requestor’s identity via alternate and verifiable contact information.