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CO2 Performance Ladder

Fluor Infrastructure B.V. CO2 Performance Ladder and CO2 Reduction Policy

The CO2 Performance Ladder is a tool used by organizations to reduce their carbon emissions. It is an initiative of the Foundation for Climate Friendly Procurement and Business (SKAO), which certifies organizations at different levels on the ladder.

Since 2016, Fluor Infrastructure B.V. (FIBV) has been certified at the highest level, level 5.

View FIBV’s certificate (Dutch PDF with Fluor Infrastructure B.V. CO2-Prestatieladder information).

CO2 Reduction Policy and Goals

FIBV defined targets and measures for CO2 reduction that are reflected in our FIBV energy policy (Dutch PDF with Fluor Infrastructure B.V. CO2-Beleid information), which is updated yearly.

FIBV has analyzed two chains of its scope 3 emissions.

See this page on the SKAO website for details and the latest version of the related report.


FIBV is participating in multiple value chain initiatives. Find out more about these initiatives here (PDF download).