Louisville Gas and Electric Company
Wises Landing, KY, U.S.

Trimble County Generating Station Unit #1

Activity on this project started with the evaluation of five sites. Duke/Fluor Daniel provided preliminary engineering, engineering, detailed design and procurement for Unit # l with a 500 MW capacity.

Unit # 1 is equipped with a General Electric turbine generator, an ABB Combustion Engineering steam generator, electrostatic precipitator and flue gas desulfurization (FGD) system, and a Zurn natural-draft cooling tower.

Fluor Daniel also performed environmental and licensing services to prepare major portions of the Environmental Report and permit applications for Louisville Gas and Electric Company.

Client's Challenge

Once down-selected from the five site options, the selected site required relocation of a highway. A fully automated Robbins Engineers' coal handling system, designed to accommodate barges, serves the station. A separate limestone handling system supplies the FGD unit.

Fluor's Solution

The plant design incorporates the latest concepts in electrical and control systems design, including extensive use of multiplexing and distributed control system hardware, full utilization of computers, data highways, color display graphics and color alarm displays.

The water and wastewater management plan provides for on-site disposal of all solid wastes, and except for cooling tower blowdown, zero wastewater discharge. Computer modeling was used for thermal plume and stack gas dispersion analyses, which included a design optimization phase using U.S. EPA-approved models to ensure regulatory compliance.


The Trimble County Generating Station Unit #1 was completed and operational in 1988.