Central Queensland Coal Associates
Queensland, Australia

Central Queensland Coal Goonyella Coal Mine - Design-Build

Fluor provided engineering and construction services to Central Queensland Coal Associates for the Goonyella Mine in Queensland's interior and the Hay Point shipping port.

The $51 million coal processing and shipping complex was designed to produce 4.3 million tons of coal per year.

Client's Challenge

Central Queensland Coal Associates was 85 percent owned by Utah Development Company and 15 percent owned by Mitsubishi Development Corporation. 

The company wanted to build a new coal processing complex as well as a shipping port at Hay Point. The coal would be sold to Japan over a 13-year period.

Fluor's Solution

At the Goonyella mine, Fluor designed and built a coal wash plant with associated coal handling, processing, stock-piling, reclaiming, and loading facilities; a 72-mile pipeline between Eungella Dam and Goonyella to supply water for the coal washery, township, and other uses; four walking draglines, two with 60-cubic-yard capacity, and two with 45-cubic-yard capacity; and coal shipping port facilities at Hay Point.

The Hay Point facilities consisted of a 6,200-foot long pier, a 1,700-foot long ship loading dock, four mooring dolphins, and six breasting dolphins. At the time, the facilities were the farthest offshore facility in Australia, necessitated by the size of the ships used to transport coal to Japan, and the shallow water near the coast.

Fluor also designed and built a 5,000-long-tons-per-hour shiploader, the largest coal shiploader in Australia at the time.

Fluor employed 1,500 workers at the peak of construction.

Construction began in September 1969. The coal wash plant was completed in February 1971. The first coal ship was loaded in October of 1971.



Fluor provided design and construction services on the Goonyella-Hay Point coal processing facility and port. This project was the second major coal project completed by Fluor in Queensland, Australia.

In addition to completing the coal processing facility and the port for the Goonyella mine, Fluor also built the 140-mile railway linking Goonyella with Hay Point. Fluor provided these services to Queensland Government Railways as a separate contract.