Potomac Electric Power Company (PEPCO)
Aquasco, MD, U.S.

PEPCO Chalk Point Combustion Turbine Project

Fluor met PEPCO's aggressive deadlines to provide engineering, design, procurement, construction management and startup for the 380 MW peaking facility.

Pressure to perform was amplified when the Client requested an even more aggressive schedule with the addition of two new turbines. Fluor's flexibility supported PEPCO's need to ensure that the commercial operation of the plant met the start of the region's summer peak-demand schedule.

Client's Challenge

PEPCO requested that Fluor incorporate two additional simple-cycle combustion turbines into the expansion at the utility's Chalk Point Generating Station. While initially two turbines were to have been constructed by 1991 and another two built in the future, now all four turbines were to be available for service by June 1991.

Midway through the design phase, Fluor successfully incorporated the two additional turbines with no delay in the original project schedule.

Fluor's Solution

Fluor expanded the design to include the additional turbines and associated balance of plant equipment. The design also incorporated future needs for combined-cycle service and compliance with stringent noise abatement regulations.

Fluor installed an unmanned control room with remote panels, electrical relay panels and PLC to allow maximum use of all turbines and balance of plant equipment.


The Chalk Point Generating Station has the capability to expand their combined-cycle service. The facility utilizes natural gas as the primary fuel, with No. 2 fuel oil backup. All four turbines installed went into service in June 1991, without delay to the original project schedule.