Pilbara Region, WA, Australia

BHP South Flank Iron Ore Project

​Fluor was selected by BHP to provide engineering, procurement and construction management services for its South Flank iron ore project in the Pilbara region, Western Australia. South Flank will be the largest iron ore processing facility ever built in Western Australia.

The project includes an 80-million-ton-per-year crushing and screening plant, an overland conveyor system and rail-loading facilities.


Client's Challenge

​The South Flank project fully replaced production from the 80-million-tons-per-annum (100 per cent basis) Yandi mine, which was nearing the end of its economic life. South Flank is a capital-efficient project that will offer attractive returns. The project enhances the average quality of BHP's Western Australia Iron Ore (WAIO) production and allows BHP to benefit from price premiums for higher-quality lump and fines products.

Fluor's Solution

​Fluor has more than 50 years of iron ore experience and has worked with BHP on numerous prior iron ore projects in the Pilbara region. Fluor joined BHP at the later stages of the definition phase study of the project when it was awarded the follow-on project and construction management scope.

The work was performed from BHP's office in Perth, with Fluor and BHP managing the project together as an integrated project team.

After construction started in July 2018, the project achieved 50% completion in October 2019. The project team reached a construction milestone in November 2019, erecting the first 1,500 tons of modules in the ore-handling plant. Construction began on the Primary Crusher 2 facility in February 2020.



​Construction began in July 2018 with first production of iron ore achieved in 2021. The project is expected to produce ore for more than 25 years.​

Photos courtesy of BHP South Flank, photographer: Luke Carter Wilton.