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Technology Market EPC Solutions

At Fluor, we are building the future with our engineering, procurement and construction management (EPCM) solutions for advanced technologies. Leveraging our global resources, we are a market leader in hyperscale data centers, semiconductors and advanced technologies.

Data Centers

We are helping the industry meet growing global demands for data centers by rapidly delivering large, business-critical facilities for the world's leading technology companies. Each solution is tailored to meet clients' specific requirements for reliability, availability, flexibility, sustainability and energy efficiency.

Fluor offers an integrated, multidisciplinary approach for data center engineering and construction. Our experience in the design, build and commissioning of high-availability data centers includes an understanding of the unique aspects of these facilities: diverse power feeds, backup power, redundant HVAC systems, comprehensive security and flexibility of all systems to allow future expansion and configuration changes.


Fluor has helped shape the landscape of semiconductor manufacturing, from cleanroom studies and renovations executed in the early 1980s to EPCM services for award-winning fabs. We continue to be an industry leader in this fast-evolving and dynamic market.

We provide engineering, design, procurement, consulting, construction and construction management services to semiconductor and photovoltaic manufacturing clients globally. From concept development to start-up and commissioning services, we have the proven ability to manage complex projects. Our construction and engineering professionals sequence and manage projects with a focus on cost, schedule and execution control, while maintaining a safe work environment. We offer a single point of contact for all project phases.

Technology Hubs

At Fluor, we invest in innovation. Our Technology Hubs serve as centers for excellence, where we embrace opportunity, develop innovative ideas and deploy leading-edge technology.

We utilize data-driven processes to realize efficiencies and deliver cost and schedule certainty. Our award-winning knowledge management system gives our employees 24/7 access to a repository and forum to address and solve problems. We apply proprietary processes to simplify design for our clients and provide them with facilities that run effectively on a leaner build.

Our integrated approach spans all phases of design, engineering, fabrication, procurement, construction and maintenance. Leveraging our supply chain advantages, we’re able to deliver comprehensive, integrated solutions that meet the changing demands of today’s global clients, from innovative delivery and cost certainty to capital efficiency and project safety.

Nordic Technology Hub

Göteborg Plads 1, 6th Floor
2150 Nordhaven
Copenhagen CVR 36705256

Fluor’s Nordic Technology Hub is located in Copenhagen, Denmark, and focuses on strategic projects within the Technology and Life Sciences industries. The Fluor’s Nordic Technology Hub serves as our local collaboration Hub for Fluor’s Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish advanced manufacturing, advanced technologies and life sciences clients and partners in the region.

San Francisco Technology Hub

611 Gateway Blvd. Suite 950
South San Francisco, CA 94080

Tel: +1.925.307.1200
Fax: +1.925.307.1439

Fluor's San Francisco office, located in the birthplace of biotech, is home to engineers in all disciplines and construction management. The engineers are familiar with the design and construction requirements of U.S. Food and Drug Administration Good Manufacturing Practices and California Building Codes. The office also specializes in design of advanced technology facilities such as semiconductor fabrication.

Research Triangle Park Technology Hub

4000 Westchase Blvd.
Raleigh, NC 27607

Tel: +1.919.213.2550

The Research Triangle Park (RTP) is the epicenter for life sciences clients in North Carolina. Our office's purpose is to be client facing. Fluor's strategy for the RTP Technology Hub mirrors Fluor's overall strategy for advanced technologies and life sciences, to grow and maintain a base-load of small/mid cap projects keeping a continuous client presence while also being positioned to support large/mega cap EPC projects in the region.

We execute self-perform construction, construction management, seconded services and project management and are growing our engineering execution capabilities with the robust engineering-oriented population in the area.

Fluor Research Triangle Park Technology Hub

SilTerra Wafer Fabrication Facility

Client: SilTerra Malaysia
Location: Kuala Lampur, Malaysia

Fluor provided engineering, procurement and construction management to Silterra for a wafer fab facility in Malaysia.

SilTerra required maximum use of local content of building materials, systems and labor, and the project contributed a strong legacy back to Malaysia. Malaysians were trained in architecture, engineering and construction technologies of semiconductor factory design and critical fabrication processes.

The project was the winner of Semiconductor International Top Fab of 2002. The award was recognition of SilTerra's commitment to providing high quality process technologies to clients in the semiconductor marketplace.