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Purpose & Values

Purpose & Values

Fluor's Purpose, Vision and Core Values build the foundation of who we are. The key elements of these tenets define our impact on the world and guide the path we take to achieve our business objectives.

Our Purpose

Our Purpose, to build a better world, echoes our ambition and forms the foundation of our culture. Fluor was founded with the drive to create structures that would outlast the builder and to leave the world better than it was before.

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Our Vision

As a valued partner we deliver innovative and sustainable solutions that enable all our stakeholders to flourish.

Our vision aligns the organization for success and underscores a commitment to ensuring we are forward-thinking, results-driven and viable for future generations. The work we do, the people we inspire and the communities we invest in fuel innovation and growth.

Our Core Values

Fluor's Core Values act as our behavioral compass. We embrace these principles and they guide us as we build a better world.


We care for each other.
Living Safer Together promotes the well-being of all people, our communities and the environment.


We do what is right.
Trust, accountability and fairness define our character.


We work better together.
Collectively we thrive when we include, respect and empower one another.


We deliver solutions.
Our high-performance teams embrace opportunities, solve challenges and continuously improve.