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Armando J. Olivera

Director since 2012

Commercial Strategies and Operational Risk Committee Chairperson; Executive Committee Member; Governance Committee Member

A member of the Board since 2012, Armando J. Olivera is Chairperson of the Commercial Strategies and Operational Risk Committee and a member of the Executive and Governance Committees.

Armando brings extensive knowledge of financial and accounting matters as well as strong business leadership skills. He served as Senior Advisor to Britton Hill Partners, a private equity firm, from 2012 to 2015. Armando has served as a Senior Advisor to Ridge-Lane Limited Partners, a strategic advisor firm, since 2017 and as a Venture Partner in the Ridge Lane Sustainability Practice from 2018 to 2021. He also served as President (from 2003) and Chief Executive Officer (from 2008) of Florida Power & Light Company until his retirement in May 2012. He joined Florida Power & Light in 1972.

His experience as a consultant and his role as a director of other public companies give him the experience to provide valuable advice from a governance, sustainability and risk perspective.

Armando is also a director of Consolidated Edison, Inc. and Lennar Corporation.​