NuScale Small Modular Reactor Nuclear Technology

NuScale Small Modular Reactor Nuclear Technology


NuScale has designed an extraordinarily safe Integral Pressurized Water Reactor (IPWR) based on light water reactor technology proven in operation for over 50 years. NuScale intends to commercialize power plants that are modular and scalable in 45-Megawatt increments. Our design incorporates several features that reduce complexity, improve safety, enhance operability and reduce risks. The design includes:

  • The ability to safely shut down and self-cool, indefinitely, with no operator action, AC or DC power, and no additional water, with NuScale's Triple Crown for nuclear plant safety™.
  • Seven barriers, between the nuclear fuel and the local community and environment, as compared to three for commercial plants currently in construction and operation.
  • A complete containment and reactor vessel module that can be shipped in segments, by rail, truck, or barge, for quick installation at the plant site.
  • Below grade operating bays for the NuScale Power Modules that are enclosed in an aircraft-impact-resistant seismic Category 1 reactor building.
  • Natural circulation, coolant flow residual heat removal and emergency core cooling systems are powered by natural forces, gravity.
  • A common pool that provides seismic dampening and radiation shielding for the NuScale Power Module.
  • A 60-year plant life
  • A projected capacity factor of >95%

Each NuScale Power Module consists of a fully integrated reactor vessel, pressurizer, steam generator, and containment vessel, and is accompanied by a companion turbine which generates an output of >45 MWe.

Client Benefits

NuScale's SMR Technology presents clients with a safer, modular, scalable and economical solution to off the grid nuclear power applications. The NuScale modular reactors would be manufactured at a fabrication plant and delivered to a site for installation. Factory production can increase quality, reduce cost, and shorten construction schedules. Capital costs are lower for smaller SMR plants, opening the possibility of nuclear power to a wider group of potential owners. The smaller scale modular design also provides more flexibility for installing at sites in remote locations, or for replacing older fossil plants that are retiring.

SMR-generated power is 100 percent carbon-free, comparable to power generated from wind, sun or water, but requires just one percent of the land area to produce the same amount of power. It also avoids emitting more than 6 million tons of CO2 annually when comparing just one 60-megawatt NuScale plant with coal, and 2.5 million tons of CO2 when comparing one NuScale plant with natural gas.

Due to these benefits, SMRs are drawing a great deal of attention from governments, utilities (large and small), communities, and the nuclear industry.