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Every Voice Matters

At Fluor, we believe that every voice matters. That’s why we are building an inclusive organization that makes space for each of us to show up, be who we are and achieve our potential.

We recognize the value of diverse perspectives and work to foster a company-wide culture that embraces inclusion and encourages active communication through listening and learning. We want employees to feel comfortable and confident to be themselves at work without fear of marginalization. We challenge ourselves to accept the individuality of our colleagues without judgment or prejudice and create a safe environment that promotes the physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing of every employee. Fluor is where you will feel like you belong.

Inclusion Pillars

Our actions to build an inclusive workplace are guided by our Inclusion Framework, which consists of four impact pillars:

Champion an Inclusive Culture

Recruit, Develop and Retain Talent

Enhance Employee Experience

Improve Social Progress and Impact

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Inclusion Framework

Fluor fosters inclusion within a framework that inspires our global employees to create work environments that reflect the unique and diverse perspectives that make their communities special.

Our Inclusion Councils and Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) drive engagement on a regional basis so employees have access to more tools, training, development and relationships to build their careers.

Inclusion Councils

Inclusion Councils are employee forums supported by executive management to identify ways to enhance employees' experiences and create a sense of belonging.

Fluor has Inclusion Councils across all regions of the world: Australia, Asia, Europe, Africa and the Middle East, North America and South America. With employees across the globe, these councils give our teams the ability to connect and have access to opportunities they might not have otherwise. With direct engagement by our executives, there is also ample opportunity to be seen, recognized and provide input to top decision makers in the company.

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Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

ERGs are communication, networking, support and affinity forums that also have seats on Fluor’s regional Inclusion Councils. ERGs are nominated and led by employees, each with an executive sponsor. We currently have 5 ERGs:

Black Employee Alliance (BEA)

The Black Employee Alliance provides a safe space for Black employees to share their experiences while providing professional development, education opportunities and networking. BEA has access to executive leadership, an executive sponsor and is one of our most active ERGs. The group empowers Black employees and allies to work together to resist racism and create a more inclusive culture.

Emerging Leaders Group (ELG)

The Emerging Leaders Group encourages ongoing career development for mid-level professionals who have 5 to 15 years of industry experience. Local members lead group activities with management executives serving as sponsors. Through social and professional events, members have opportunities to interact with their peers and upper-level management.

Graduates Advancing to Professionalism (GAP)

The Graduates Advancing to Professionalism organization supports the transition into the professional world. It assists recent university graduates in transitioning to Fluor’s corporate environment by making sure they have the tools to start building their career. The organization also offers opportunities for networking, social events and professional training.

Growing Representation & Opportunity for Women (GROW)

GROW helps ensure equal access and opportunity for women, enhancing the visibility of female role models within the company. Through GROW, women and men work together to cultivate opportunities that attract, retain and develop women employees.


Fluor’s newest ERG, PRIDE, offers space for employees who are members and allies of the LGBTQIA+ community to gather, learn, develop a sense of community and have open and honest conversations. PRIDE activities encourage members to be who they are without fear of retaliation.

Mentoring Circles

Fluor's Mentoring Circles provide employees with broad exposure to leaders in a team-based setting. Participants have opportunities for informal dialogue, mentoring and learning from leaders and colleagues around the world and at every level in the organization.

This program has been recognized by external organizations such as the U.S. Equal Opportunity Commission, Fortune Magazine and HR Houston's IMPACT award organization.

Mentoring at Fluor is a two-way street. We are piloting programs that shake things up by reverse mentoring, which provides junior employees the opportunity to mentor senior personnel. Through job shadowing, one-on-one coaching and more, our more experienced people get the benefit of learning new ways of looking at the workplace and their jobs, as well as new ways to use technology to enhance communication and connectivity. Participating employees get the benefit of learning how to teach, share knowledge and engage others of differing generations.

Social Responsibility

At Fluor, we recognize our responsibility to improve social progress. A key factor in achieving this is through our volunteering initiatives. In 2022, we strengthened the collaborative efforts between our ERGs and Fluor Cares regional giving to expand our impact through volunteering campaigns.

Supplier Diversity Program

At Fluor, we continually seek to expand our network of diverse suppliers. Our Supplier Diversity Program affirms this commitment by promoting opportunities for qualified diverse suppliers, which includes minority-owned business, women-owned business, small business, small disadvantaged business, HUBZone business, veteran-owned business and service-disabled veteran-owned business.

We surpassed our target of 25% of our U.S. supplier commitments to be with diverse suppliers and contractors by the end of 2023, achieving 33%.

Operating in more than 60 countries around the globe, Fluor takes local spend seriously. We define local content as goods or services procured from suppliers and subcontractors in the same country where the goods are consumed/installed or the services are rendered. Fluor's local commitments in 2023 were $8.8 billion, which was approximately 81% of our total global spend.

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Fluor is diverse by nature with over 30,000 employees in more than 60 countries. We embrace different ideas, perspectives and backgrounds and promote an inclusive culture where every voice matters at every level.

Stacy Dillow

Chief Human Resources Officer

Irving, U.S.