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Corporate Reporting

Corporate Reporting

Fluor is dedicated to having a positive impact on the world, our employees and stakeholders. In support of this work, we provide a comprehensive suite of corporate reporting documents that detail how we build a better world. This suite includes the Integrated Report, Report on Form 10-K, Sustainability Data Disclosures and a variety of ancillary reports, including the Community Impact Report.

Repositioned: A look at our 2023 Integrated Report

Fluor works with our clients and partners to ensure that your projects are completed ethically, inclusively and responsibly. Through our collective efforts, we are proud to be shaping the future of our industry and, ultimately, building a better world.

Our 2023 reporting theme, Repositioned, showcases how our strategy has continued to serve us well over the last three years, enabling us to adapt to market trends and deliver consistent value for our shareholders, clients, employees, partners and communities. It reflects our preparedness for the future and commitment to adaptability and growth.

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Sustainability Data Disclosures

Our 2022 Sustainability Data Disclosure includes our three-year sustainability performance metrics. These sustainability disclosures are to be read together with our 2022 Integrated Report.

You can also read our latest Sustainability updates in the 2023 Integrated Report.

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