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Corporate Reporting

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Sustainability Reporting

At Fluor, sustainability is a solid part of our foundation that comes from decades of delivering innovative, predictable and sustainable solutions.

Integrated Report

In 2022, we transitioned from a traditional annual report that focuses on financial performance to that of an integrated report that seeks to provide a balanced account of Fluor's financial and non-financial objectives and results. This approach better aligns to our internal decision-making and integrated management processes. We believe this provides all of our stakeholders with a more holistic overview of our performance and key milestones.

Sustainability Data Disclosures

In 2009, Fluor became a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact. Our integrated report and sustainability data disclosures are our annual fulfillment of our commitment as a signatory and serve as an update on our progress.

These disclosures are relevant to our business operations and are measurable in the reporting year relating to the Global Reporting InitiativeTM sustainability standards, the IFRS Foundation’s Sustainability Accounting Standards Board standards and the World Economic Forum stakeholder capitalism metrics.

Our 2022 Sustainability Data Disclosure includes our Three-year Sustainability Performance Metrics. These sustainability disclosures are to be read together with our 2022 Integrated Report.

Past Data Disclosures