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Environmental Stewardship

Supporting Environmental Initiatives

As an engineering and construction services provider, we are conscious of our impact on the environment and the need to ensure its preservation for generations to come.

In addition to Fluor’s Net Zero 2023 commitment, we also focus a portion of our giving and volunteerism on programs that can restore, reclaim and protect the natural world in the communities where we live and work.

In 2023, Fluor and our employees planted nearly 29,000 trees, removed more than 8 tons of litter and delivered environmental education programming to more than 28,000 individuals.

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New Delhi Eco-restoration

Fluor's New Delhi office supported dramatic improvements in environmental sustainability through eco-restoration, improved water quality and reduced flood potential for a 3.1-mile (5- kilometer) stretch of stormwater drain that runs through the heart of the city of Gurgaon, India.

Adopting a nature-based treatment plan that used natural methods, such as vegetation filtration beds, properly sloped riverbanks and groundwater recharge, the project improved water quality and flood management while also increasing the long-term health of local aquifers.

Prior to the start of the eco-restoration project, stormwater drains were clogged with sludge, sewage and litter, blocking ground infiltration and driving catastrophic floods of the surrounding area. Now, 11 inlet points identified as primary pollution sources have been cleaned, with methods put in place to reduce or eliminate future pollution.

Our eco-restoration program in India removed 14,000 tons of sludge and pollution. Flood mitigation has been achieved by creating sustainable retention barriers and natural filtration beds. Improved water quality is already visible, with fish and aquatic species returning to the stormwater drainage system

Tree Planting

Our offices in China, the United States, the Philippines, Poland and Saudi Arabia are supporting large-scale tree planting efforts in their countries. In 2023, Fluor planted nearly 29,000 trees. Our office in the Philippines planted 18,000 of these trees as part of their effort to restore mangrove forests so vital to tropical ecosystems.