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Decarbonization of Industrial Fired Heaters by Using Hydrogen Fuel

Thursday, October 6, 2022
10:00 AM CDT / 3:00 PM GMT

Industrial facilities, such as chemical plants and fuels production refineries, typically generate most of their CO2 emissions to the atmosphere from process fired heaters and steam boilers. As they look to reduce their CO2 emissions, facilities must focus on these heaters. Although techniques such as energy efficiency and electrification reduce emissions incrementally, two choices can lead to significant reductions: capturing CO2 in the flue gas (carbon capture), or using hydrogen to fuel the heaters.

This webinar will focus on the details of using hydrogen as a fuel, both in existing fired heaters and in new facilities. Fluor subject matter experts James Turner and Tony Chan will discuss the basic parameters for hydrogen and methane combustion. This framework explains the potential impacts of converting to hydrogen fuel. Potential mitigation steps will then be presented.

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