Accelerating Commercialization of Disruptive Technology

In the innovation ecosystem, the viability, speed-to-market and implementation of emerging technologies are top considerations along the journey to commercialization.

Through Fluor's business incubation platform, clients and partners engage with the company's global network of cross-industry experts. Fluor offers more than a century of experience in nurturing emerging technologies and accelerating commercialization.

Fluor’s business incubation platform provides:

  • Scale-up and Scale-out Pathways: Technologists, fellows and highly skilled process engineers produce advanced modeling, techno-economic evaluations and guidance on commercialization and deployment options.
  • Early Design Development: Fluor's early EPC engagement brings value to technology innovators / start-ups, owners / operators, funding channels and academia by accelerating the pathway to commercialization with credibility and know-how.
  • Commercialization Experience: With 1,200 active patents and 15 licensed technologies, Fluor is both an engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contractor and a licensor. Thus, Fluor offers a unique perspective by applying its EPC experience to commercializing industry-defining, first-of-a-kind (FOAK) technology.

Fluor's business incubation platform helps partners to analyze their solutions comprehensively, including:

  • Techno-economic analysis and scalability
  • Design optimization and case configuration
  • Balance of plant and total system integration
  • Supply chain and commercial strategies
  • Estimating and project planning
  • Constructability and fabricability
  • Maintainability and operability