Kuwait Oil Company (KOC)

Kuwait Oil Company Project Management Consulting Contract

In 2013, Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) awarded Fluor a five-year Project Management Consulting (PMC) contract for several projects and upstream facilities such as booster stations, gathering centers and pipelines. This is the third KOC award since 2003 for Fluor to continue performing in the country-wide PMC role. Fluor's office in Farnborough, UK is providing front-end engineering and design (FEED), and PMC services are being provided from Fluor's offices in Kuwait.

KOC - Fluor FEED and Project Management Consulting
Client's Challenge

The KOC's responsibilities include the exploration, drilling and production of oil and gas within the State of Kuwait. The company is also involved in the storage of crude oil and delivery to tankers for export.

The FEED works was needed for KOC's new facilities and up-grading of existing facilities. KOC also required increased oil production and export capabilities to meet its 2020 year goals.

Source: Kuwait Oil Company Website

KOC - Kuwait Booster Station
Fluor's Solution

Fluor is providing project management services to KOC on a number of projects. Construction activities are progressing toward completion at project sites in the State of Kuwait. Current Projects include:

  • EF/1700 – Integrated Security System for all KOC Facilities
    Scope included 96 sites along with three Asset Security Centers and the main KOC Security Center in Ahmadi – Completed and turned over in 2016
  • EF/1713 – LSFO, Fuel Gas & Gas Oil Pipelines to Sabiya/Doha
  • EF/1760 – Fuel Gas & Gas Oil Pipelines to Al-Zour Power Station
  • EF/ 1669 – Pipelines to New Refinery Project
  • EF/1931 – GC-32 New Gathering Centre for SEK
    FEED phase was completed in Farnborough, UK in August 2015 for this new Gathering Centre, which will assist KOC to reach its strategic targets for Crude Production. EPC award is expected 1st Quarter 2017.
  • EF/1762-North Kuwait Jurassic Gas Facility-1
    Fluor has completed and delivered the FEED to KOC December 2016. This facility will assist KOC to reach its strategic targets for Non-Associated Gas Production. In addition, the facility will process Condensate and Sulphur. EPC award is expected 2nd Quarter 2018.

KOC - Rendering of Main Campus at Sunset

Fluor's PMC has enhanced KOC's safety culture by achieving over 95 million safe work hours. The PMC works closely to identify and recognize value awareness cost savings on all KOC active and FEED projects.

The Fluor PMC Team is engaged in developing and mentoring local Kuwait talent and has designated training programs to advance employee skills.