Project-specific and Enterprise Risk Management

Clients have come to understand that when they partner with Fluor on their complex projects, they are also partnering with a leader in ethics that will work within comprehensive, principled guidelines — and will expect the same from all other parties involved.

Each new engagement has its own unique set of risks. Fluor's risk policies address internal processes and include levels of required approval before any business can be undertaken by the company.

Project-specific Risk Assessment

Through our Project Pre-Award Risk Assessment procedure, we assess the corruption risks of each high-risk project or teaming arrangement against a background of project location, business culture, locally required third parties and government touchpoints. Upon award, the project team develops a project-specific Project Compliance & Ethics Plan to mitigate the risks identified during the assessment. The Project Compliance & Ethics Plan becomes the basis for implementing additional processes or procedures on the project or with the teaming partner. The plan is reviewed throughout the life of the project or teaming arrangement and updated as needed.

Enterprise Risk Assessments

At a corporate level, Fluor has an Enterprise Risk Management program and ethics and compliance subject matter experts that periodically assess compliance risks and monitor evolving risks, regulations and best practices to strengthen Fluor's compliance risk management.

Fluor's anti-bribery and corruption policies and risk assessment procedures are reviewed on an annual basis.