Ethical Leadership

"We started building our most important project more than 100 years ago—our reputation. Living out Fluor's values and conducting business around the world with the highest ethical standards are important to me and I expect these values to shine through in everything we do. That way we distinguish what we do by the way we do it. Our future depends on it."
David E. Constable, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Fluor leadership walks the talk. It starts with Fluor's chairman and CEO messaging the critical importance that every employee and contractor conduct business with the highest ethical standards and permeates throughout our global organization at onboarding, during orientations, in leadership meetings, as value creation topics included in day-to-day meetings and through many other channels. Continuous messaging about compliance and ethics from the top down and throughout the entire organization, in addition to walking the talk, is part of our ethical culture.

To help measure the company's ethical culture and susceptibility to misconduct, Fluor periodically engages an independent third party to conduct a culture assessment. The third party provides an Integrity Index score to serve as a proxy for ethical climate by gauging our employees' answers to questions regarding their comfort to speak up, organizational justice, direct manager leadership, tone at the top, openness of communication, departmental climate and clarity of expectations relative to its benchmarking of other companies and industry peers.