Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Action

Fluor's diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) framework's objective is respect and dignity for all. Following are some components of the framework.

DE&I Training Materials and Resources

Fluor provides ongoing training and development for all salaried and craft personnel through multiple venues, including the company's online learning platform, Fluor University. Employees can select from a variety of online training courses, as well as location-specific and instructor-led courses.

Mentoring Circles Programs

Fluor's Mentoring Circles Programs give employees broad exposure to leaders in a team-based setting. Mentors are diversity, equity and inclusion champions who help the company foster high levels of employee engagement. Participants have opportunities for informal dialogue, mentoring and learning with their leaders and colleagues.

Our Mentoring Circles Programs have been recognized by external organizations such as the U.S. Equal Opportunity Commission, Fortune magazine and HR Houston's IMPACT award organization.

Knowledge Transfer

Knowledge transfer across our talent pipeline is a key focus area for Fluor. This focus is critical to attract and retain talent and develop new ways of working, innovating and creating solutions for our clients and stakeholders.

In 2021, we continued to leverage the transfer of knowledge and skills across generations to support a sustainable and diverse talent pipeline. Pilot programs include reverse mentoring from junior to senior personnel and shadowing and expedited knowledge transfer through one-to-one coaching.

Fluor sponsors virtual, global networking events in various offices to exchange knowledge, career development opportunities, feedback and innovative ideas from our network of graduates and across all generations.

Regional Inclusion Councils

Regional inclusion councils are employee forums led by executive management to identify ways to enhance employees' experiences and to advance DE&I. All employee resource groups have representatives on each regional inclusion council. Fluor has five regional inclusion councils, covering Australia; the Americas; Asia; Europe, Africa and the Middle East; and Latin America.

Additionally, 11 local inclusion chapters provide forums for Fluor's global employees to discuss the status of DE&I in their own offices and to identify further opportunities to advance DE&I. These chapters are located in Australia, Canada, China, Europe, India, Latin America, the Middle East, South Africa, Southeast Asia, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Listening and Learning

Fluor hosts Listening and Learning Sessions on a regional and office basis to provide an opportunity for employees to discuss the priorities that they believe will enhance their workplace experience. These sessions are facilitated by third parties, and the results are shared with regional management.

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

ERGs are communication, networking, support and affinity forums that also have seats on Fluor's regional inclusion councils. ERGs are nominated and led by employees, each with an executive sponsor. Examples of Fluor's established ERGs are described below.

Growing Representation & Opportunity for Women (GROW℠)

Fluor launched GROW as a business imperative to help ensure equal access and opportunity for women, as well as enhance the visibility of female role models within the company.

Through GROW, women and men work together to cultivate opportunities to attract, retain and develop women. Local steering and advisory committees lead each local GROW chapter.

Graduates Advancing to Professionalism (GAP) ℠

The Graduates Advancing to Professionalism organization assists recent university graduates in transitioning to Fluor's corporate environment by familiarizing them with Fluor's Core Values, culture and procedures. The organization also offers opportunities for networking, social events and professional training.

Emerging Leaders Group (ELG)

The Emerging Leaders Group is a program to encourage ongoing career development for mid-level professionals who have 5 to 15 years of industry experience. Local members lead group activities with management executives serving as sponsors. Through social and professional events, members have opportunities to interact with their peers and upper-level management.

Black Employee Alliance (BEA)

In 2021, Fluor supported the start-up of the Black Employee Alliance to provide professional development, leadership, cultural awareness, mentoring and networking for Black employees and employees of all cultural backgrounds. The BEA also provides community services to underserved individuals in surrounding areas.

Promoting DE&I with Stakeholders

Fluor has strengthened our DE&I representation on external forums, such as American Petroleum Institute diversity workstreams and CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion™ forums.

Social Responsibility and Charitable Donations

Fluor has extended our Fluor Cares and charitable donations to DE&I focus areas including:

  • Contributing $1 million over three years to select universities and programs, including Historic Black Colleges and Universities, and supporting the delivery of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) programs in schools on a global basis.
  • Redirecting 50% of our annual Global University Sponsorship Program budget to support broader diversity programs.