Grant Requirements and How to Apply

The purpose of the Fluor contribution program is to help build prosperity and empower progress in communities where Fluor has a presence. Whether through the Fluor Foundation or corporate or international operations, Fluor focuses its grant investments on making a sustainable impact in key areas of focus where we can leverage volunteerism through a local employee base. Please review the following grant guidelines carefully before starting the application process.

What You Need to Apply

All grant applications from United States-based, non-profit organizations must be submitted through the online application system.

Applicants will be required to upload specific documentation in a Word, Excel, or PDF file format. These documents must already be saved on your hard drive in order for them to upload successfully.

Required documentation includes:

  • Brief description of the organization, the programs and services you offer and the challenges and opportunities facing your organization.
  • Major financial contributors.
  • Name of project, project budget and details on the participants or clients served.
  • Amount of money requested and a detailed description of how Fluor funds would be spent.
  • Details on any Fluor volunteer leadership at your organization.
  • Description of past results and accomplishments.
  • Description of volunteer opportunities.
  • Description of recognition to be provided.
  • Goals and objectives for this project, including evaluation methods, measurable outcomes and impact.
  • Audience served by the project, including age and demographic breakdowns.
  • Organizational operating budget – total dollar amount and a copy of your organization’s most recent annual operating budget.
  • Copy of an IRS 501(c)(3) ruling or other documentation substantiating tax exemption status. Alternatively, be a public elementary/secondary school or qualifying US-based institute of higher education.
  • List of governing board members.
  • Copy of audited financial statement. Please be prepared to provide an explanation of any net losses or large variances in revenue and expenses over the last three years.
  • Signed copy of the most current version of IRS Form W-9.

How to Apply Online

Step 1: Carefully review the information on the Grant Guidelines and Procedures page.

The information on the Grant and Guidelines and Procedures page will indicate if your organization is eligible for a corporate or Fluor Foundation grant.

Click here for a printable version of Fluor’s grant application.

Step 2: Create an account or log in to an existing account.

Click here to access the grant application system.

Select the Apply button on the grant application page to create a new application or log in to an existing grant application. Once you start an application, you can save and log out of the application and log back in at any time for up to three months. Incomplete applications are purged from the system three months following the original creation date.

Your organization should only create ONE account and password for the organization. This account username and password should be shared with all individuals who will be managing or submitting the grant application.

Fluor uses Blackbaud GIFTS© (GIFTS) software for our online application process. GIFTS does not allow users to work in more than one application at a time, even if the applications are for different grantors. GIFTS allows you to save only one application if multiple applications are open. The GIFTS online application portal is Please log out of any other applications using this software prior to beginning or editing your application with Fluor.

Step 3: Complete the Application.

In order to complete the application it is essential that you reference the What You Will Need to Apply section of this page before getting started. This section will help applicants prepare all the necessary information required for Fluor’s review process. Your application will not be considered complete unless all of the required documentation has been provided. Once your application has been submitted you will not have an opportunity to make changes or include additional attachments.

Step 4: Fluor Review Process

Enable your email account to receive automated emails from After submitting your application, Fluor will respond via email to confirm receipt of the grant application. If any additional information is required, Fluor will notify you via email, including details of what is required and how to submit the information.

Applicants may submit one grant application per calendar year, whether successful in receiving a grant or not.