Clients Benefit From Fluor's Advanced Process Modeling Expertise.

Fluor teams with clients to develop new process technologies with a range of advanced process modeling services, including physical and thermodynamic properties, reaction kinetics and equipment modeling. The envisioned products range from specialized databases to models of entire flowsheets. The consulting services include process design and optimization, as well as plant troubleshooting.

The value of this service is that the best possible data package will be available for process modeling, the package will be developed rapidly, the models will be well documented so that engineers will understand the range of applicability, and the database may be secured so that the proprietary information is protected.

Additional client benefits include:

  • Development of validated and documented data packages that enable improved process technology
  • Guidance to manage data programs
    Example: timely data program established water solubility of water in CO2, and eliminated dehydration unit in Alaskan pipeline.
  • Use of uncertainty analysis to understand process operability, evaluate process margins and make rational decisions among competing flowsheets
    Example: Fluor aided a client's understanding of a component trapping in distillation, and selected a design that resolved the problem.
  • Use of property patterns as a complement to experimental data and estimation methods to facilitate the development of accurate and reliable data packages
    Example: CO2 removal from natural gas using Fluor Solvent.
  • Leverage Fluor's skill and experience to create practical models for complex electrolyte systems
    Example: Fluor worked with the client's team to design off-gas scrubbers in phosphate mining project.
  • Through a partnership with AspenTech, Fluor applies special software functionality such as flexible kinetic models and Data-Fit, to go from laboratory data to validated industrial process technology.

Fluor has proven methodology to execute advanced process modeling to yield client innovations and value.