Fluor Implements Its World-class HSE Program on Every Project.

Fluor is a global construction leader that has successfully executed more than 10,000 construction projects. Fluor typically delivers both construction management and self-perform services at an average of 100 sites annually.

In addition to construction services, Fluor implements a comprehensive Health, Safety & Environmental (HSE) program on every project it executes. Fluor's safety program is equally as important a responsibility as any other management concern, including cost, scheduling, quality control and productivity. In fact, safety is a core value at Fluor.

Safety Excellence

Fluor believes that all construction tasks can be safely executed and that all accidents are preventable.

Our project approach and documented procedures fully integrate safety into every aspect of the project and maintain it as the foremost concern for the entire project team. Successful execution of complex projects can be achieved only with a healthy and safe workforce of employees, subcontractors and client personnel.

Fluor's HSE policy includes the following requirements:

  • Activities are executed to prevent impact to the environment or, when prevention is not possible, minimized to an acceptable level.
  • Each project has an assigned health and safety representative responsible for all aspects of the aforementioned program.
  • Employees are responsible for HSE in the tasks assigned to them - (simply put, working safely is a condition of employment). Fluor pursues the goal of no harm to project employees, visitors and neighboring communities.
  • Fluor controls, audits, monitors, appraises and verifies all HSE performance, using metrics and incentives approved by the client.
  • Fluor develops and implements a comprehensive, project-specific HSE program, in conformity with legal requirements, Fluor's safety standards and client procedures. The HSE program is applied throughout the life of the project and drives continuous performance improvement. Fluor's health and safety systems and procedures confirm a consistent approach to the program.
  • Fluor establishes criteria to mitigate or strictly limit worker exposure to risky work methods, harmful materials, high -noise levels and heat or cold exposure. The working conditions promote the health and safety of all employees, clients and third parties.
  • Fluor promotes an HSE culture among all personnel employed on the project, including multilingual training where appropriate.
  • Fluor provides individual and organizational incentives in the form of reward and recognition for excellent safety performance.
  • Fluor's subcontractors implement an approved project-specific HSE plan, as directed by their contracts.
  • HSE hazards are identified, assessed, understood and addressed before execution of engineering, procurement and construction activities.

Safety Performance Excellence

Fluor is a global leader in HSE performance. Our safety culture begins in engineering design and continues throughout the life cycle of the project. Fluor continues to reinforce its position as one of the world's safest contractors through outstanding self-perform and subcontractor performance.

In addition to the most important result – protecting lives – our safety record benefits our clients by:

  • Improving employee productivity and morale
  • Minimizing needless liability claims
  • Minimizing schedule disruptions due to accidents
  • Providing a strong community image of Fluor's projects
  • Reducing Fluor's cost of insurance thus making the company more cost effective
  • Reducing the loss of dollars due to accidents involving equipment