Fluor Supports Clients During Start-up of Capital Projects.

Clients often engage Fluor to support start-up and commissioning activities.

Start-up success requires a team approach with active planning and participation by all stakeholders. Completion of a well-designed, safe and best-in-class facility delivered on time requires the early development of a commissioning and start-up plan and schedule based on a systems approach and establishment of system turnover dates to support it.

In support of start-up planning, each process unit is divided into systems and sub-systems to facilitate their completion, pre‑commissioning and commissioning. This approach requires close coordination among the client, engineering, process licensors (if applicable), suppliers, construction and the start-up team for an orderly turnover, commissioning and start-up while minimizing the impact to ongoing operations.

Fluor develops a detailed Project Commissioning Manual early in the engineering phase that outlines the client's and Fluor's approach and methodology to implementing seamless commissioning and turnover.