Delivering Greater Capital Efficiency with Cost and Schedule Certainty

Matching individual discipline knowledge with a life-cycle breadth of project services allows Fluor to provide clients tailored solutions across the entire project scope. Fluor’s expertise extends from front-end engineering and design (FEED) to procurement, fabrication, construction, and through ongoing maintenance and operations.

Clients come to Fluor for comprehensive EPC services to reduce risks, increase quality and lower costs. Fluor eliminates interfaces, compresses schedules and expedites logistics. Fluor's comprehensive services transform project execution.

The advantages of Fluor’s comprehensive EPC services include:
  • Anticipating and solving potential downstream issues throughout the project
  • Seamless, efficient transitions between project phases
  • Single point of contact, with knowledge of the whole project and deep industry and client experience
  • Global presence in over 100 countries and distributed execution with 24/7 capabilities and efficient sourcing
  • Complex, logistically challenging projects delivered anywhere in the world
  • Robust health, safety and environmental (HSE) culture


Fit-for-purpose designs incorporate constructability and distributed execution to optimize equipment configurations and reduce site footprints.

Fluor’s approach to engineering and design takes into account the realities of project execution and the long-term asset life cycle. A global team of experts draws on knowledge of client industries, innovative technology and project management to engineer solutions closely tailored to client needs. Experience with fabrication and modular construction allows Fluor to optimize costs and schedules even under challenging conditions.

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Fluor's global supply chain network provides enhanced sourcing, predictive analytics and expedited logistics.

Early in the project, Fluor's Comprehensive approach shows clients the total expected costs over the length of the asset life cycle. From the first day of fabrication through the life of the asset, Fluor delivers the right people, tools and materials at the right time anywhere in the world. Fluor’s efficient supply chain and bulk volume discounts save clients time and money. Fluor excels at quickly recruiting specialized talent in the specific regions and industries key to project success.

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Modular designs for offsite assembly reduce costs and improve quality and safety.

Fluor fabricates modules offsite to leverage fabrication yard expertise, to gain cost and schedule certainty and to locate the work at a site that may offer more space and a more predictable climate and workforce than the construction site. Fluor's engineers are adept at innovative modular design. Fluor's construction teams have the know-how to seize the benefits of modular assembly.

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Fluor mobilizes, hires and trains a direct-hire craft workforce, supporting local economies.

Fluor’s construction teams advise from the start of project scoping, optimizing construction activities and offering cost saving suggestions during all project phases. Advanced work packaging earlier in the project positions the construction teams to work as efficiently as possible. Direct hire construction results in greater productivity, leading to shorter schedules, reduced cost and improved quality. Subcontractor interfaces are reduced or eliminated, leading to direct, consistent communications and a lower likelihood of change orders.

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Extending asset life-cycle performance maximizes client returns.

During early project planning, Fluor is already considering operations and maintenance, optimizing costs and heading off challenges. Clients can plan and budget for the long term based on Fluor’s insights into the entire asset life cycle. Fluor smooths the transition from the end of construction to ongoing operations and maintenance, providing the right skills and industry experience at the right time.

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