Decatur, AL, U.S.

Hexcel PAN Carbon Fiber Manufacturing Line

With increasing demand for new Polyacrylonitrile (PAN), Hexcel, the world's leading advanced structural materials company, contracted Fluor for engineering, procurement, and construction management services to fast-track their PAN manufacturing line in Decatur, Alabama.

Manufacturing Carbon Fiber Quality
Client's Challenge

PAN is a precursor to the production of carbon fiber used in industries like aeronautics, energy, and athletic equipment, and Hexcel was faced with ever-increasing product demand from aeronautical and energy sector customers. The company needed early delivery of a new manufacturing line to meet increasing demand. This would be the single largest expansion to date undertaken by Hexcel. Although schedule was the driving factor, cost certainty was also of vital importance.

Global demand for their product prompted Hexcel to look to a proven leader in the industry, who could provide cost and schedule certainty through their engineering, procurement, and construction services. Fluor's proven track record in providing customer-focused solutions to manufacturing Clients led Hexcel to select Fluor for this important project.

Manufacturing Plant Craft Worker
Fluor's Solution

Fluor used proven project management tools and processes such as the Baseline Centricâ„  Approach to execute this project for Hexcel. Fluor understood that Hexcel had a critical need to bring the PAN line on within cost and schedule, as well as safely.

Fluor not only completed the manufacturing line ahead of plan, allowing Hexcel to meet increasing customer demands, but also delivered the project within percentage points of the original estimate. The results prompted correspondence from Hexcel's Director of Global Operations, Technology, and Capital Projects to Fluor's CEO, commending the Fluor team on the outstanding effort achieved.


Exterior Manufacturing Site with Utilities

Hexcel's markets continue to expand with Fluor acting as a partner, assisting in the development of the infrastructure necessary to deliver the product while continuing to deliver cost and schedule certainty through engineering, procurement, and construction services.

Hexcel's manufacturing operations in locations outside of the United States are complemented by Fluor's global reach. A consistent approach throughout Fluor's organization has brought further opportunities to Fluor in assisting Hexcel in delivering to their global Client base.