Bulgaria and Turkey

Botas USSR-Turkey Natural Gas Pipeline

Botas, a division of the Turkish government, contracted Fluor to manage the design and construction of the first gas transmission system in Turkey. Fluor provided the detail design engineering, conceptual engineering verification, line pipe and major equipment specification, and procurement support for the 500-mile pipeline.

The pipeline extends from the Turkish/Bulgarian border to Ankara, Turkey and ​included a major water crossing through the Sea of Marmara south of Istanbul. The pipeline delivers 22.4 million cubic meters per day of Russian-sourced natural gas to Turkey.

Client's Challenge

The Botas USSR-Turkey Natural Gas Pipeline system consists of 500 miles of natural gas pipeline from the Turkish-Bulgarian border around Istanbul, across the Sea of Marmara and on to Ankara. The pipeline system will transport 581 million cubic feet per day of gas from the Soviet Union to various locations in western Turkey.

Main sections include 137 miles of 36-inch pipeline from the Bulgarian border to Ambarli, 20 miles of 36-inch pipeline from Pendik to Demirciler and 230 miles of 24-inch pipeline from Demirciler to Ankara. A dual 30-inch, 33-mile pipeline crosses the Sea of Marmara.

Fluor's Solution

Fluor provided front-end engineering and design verification, detailed design, procurement assistance, and field construction/start-up and commissioning support to the general contractor, a consortium of three major international construction companies: Spiecapag, Enka and Brown & Root Ltd. Fluor also provided construction management, field engineering and quality control inspection services during construction, hydrotesting and commissioning.

The transmission system consisted of a fiscal metering station, compressor station, launcher/receiver stations, tie-in facilities at four future compressor station sites, 11 metering/pressure-reduction (delivery) stations, a SCADA system and telecommunications with on-line leak detection.

Engineering work was initiated in Fluor's Houston, Texas office and completed in the London office to maximize European procurement content and field and commissioning support personnel.


​Fluor provided design and procurement support services for Turkey's first gas transmission system. The 500-mile pipeline was successfully completed in 1988.​