Facility Design and Construction for Manufacturers of Advanced Materials

Fluor serves advanced material industries, including carbon-based materials, glass-based materials, ceramics, high value-added metals, electronic materials, composites, polymers, and biomaterials. With decades of industry experience, Fluor provides engineering, design, procurement, consulting, construction, and construction management services to global manufacturing clients.

From concept development to start-up and commissioning services, Fluor has the proven ability to manage complex projects. Master planning of large integrated facilities is a particular strength, supported by a thorough understanding of materials flows and logistics, space management, unit operations, and utility requirements. Fluor leads the drive for cost efficiency in large-scale manufacturing while improving performance properties by staying abreast of technology improvements

Carbon Fiber

Fluor's facility design expertise covers the entire carbon composites value chain from raw materials (precursors), carbon fibers, textile products, prepregs, and preforms through to finished components in carbon fiber-reinforced plastics, carbon fiber-reinforced carbon, or carbon fiber-reinforced silicon carbide.

Carbon and Graphite Cathodes and Electrodes

Fluor designs and builds facilities for the production of graphite and carbon electrodes and cathodes used in steel and other smelting operations. Fluor's design expertise includes chemical process engineering and high temperature material processing required for the forming, baking, graphitizing, and machining of electrodes and cathodes.

Technical Expertise:

  • Cleanroom design
  • Commissioning & qualification, validation & start-up
  • Packaging
  • Process automation
  • Specialized utility systems

Glass Fiber

Fluor's experience in glass-based materials dates back to 1970 with the design and construction of fiberglass facilities. Fluor's design expertise includes the batching, melting, fiberization, coating, and drying/packaging steps of glass fiber production for use in high strength fiber reinforced materials for use in non-aerospace applications. Fluor supports client objectives of lowering the cost of the finished product while improving performance properties by staying abreast of technology improvements.

Flat Panel Glass

Fluor has significant experience in liquid crystal display (LCD) glass manufacturing and finishing and provides complete EPCM services on these large-scale facilities including buildings and utilities.