Fluor's Fertilizer Process Expertise Offers Innovative Solutions.

From phosphate to potash, ammonia to urea, nitrates to beneficiation, Fluor has more than 60 years' experience in the fertilizer industry, providing support to clients around the world, including the United States, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Canada and Belgium.

Fluor's innovative solutions for the fertilizer industry enable optimization and improved beneficiation for greenfield and brownfield sites. Fluor is experienced with conceptual-level studies, with strong technical and engineering solutions for fertilizer, ammonia and urea technologies.

Fluor's fertilizer process experience includes:

  • Phosphate - Fluor has recent experience in FEED and PMC activity for development of state-of-the-art phosphate production facilities. Fluor's diversified industrial experience is perfectly suited to the integration challenges of phosphate production with bulk solids handling, chemical processing, finishing and packaging capabilities. Fluor's core competencies in these areas combine to deliver world-class solutions with optimal life-cycle value.

  • Ammonia, Urea, Granulation, Blending - Fluor is technology neutral in the processes for these products. Our proprietary IP-SET technology evaluation process has enabled Fluor to identify and apply the most efficient technologies for our clients' project applications. Along with mass and energy process optimization, Fluor also integrates process capabilities to achieve zero discharge sites in environmentally sensitive areas.

  • Potash - Fluor's fertilizer processing team have extensive experience developing feasibility study requirements, bringing certainty to function, cost and schedule for client projects. For potash projects, Fluor draws on all of the company's global resources, including experts in process engineering, material handling, facility design, constructability, and performance technology, to deliver superior results to Fluor clients in the fertilizer sector. Fluor experts in all areas of potash production, from materials handling to crystallization, bring experience from major potash projects around the globe.