Fluor Brings its Program Management Expertise to Nuclear Site Closures.

Fluor is a leader in decommissioning and site closure of nuclear facilities, known for delivering safe, rapid, low-cost decommissioning of surplus facilities. Closing sites eliminates risk to the public and to the environment while reducing or eliminating future taxpayer mortgage costs.

Fluor’s accelerated closure approach works by grouping facilities and waste sites into zones. Thus cost savings can be achieved by economy of scale in such key activities as regulatory approvals, utility isolation and contracting.

Fluor’s key closure strategy components include:

  • Establish a single environmental regulatory authority that can interpret applicable requirements and laws and make binding decisions
  • Establish a waste disposal facility on or near the site that is licensed and permitted for the bulk of the soil and rubble waste, including low-level radioactive and hazardous solid waste
  • Integrate the activities to deactivate, decontaminate and demolish facilities and to remediate the associated waste sites, minimizing transition and turnovers between phases
  • Minimize the labor hours and worker exposure by fixing loose contamination and subsequent saw cutting of large sections of equipment, structural components and concrete for bulk disposal
  • Minimize operational and deactivation costs by applying new packaging techniques to remove and package large systems intact
  • Replace operational nuclear safety requirements with appropriate guidelines to protect the worker and the environment for conditions encountered during decommissioning
  • Employ a safety strategy, including a job hazard analysis to identify work hazards, to address the known and unknown safety hazards and determine the hazard controls required to facilitate safe work performance
  • Address decommissioning with a project mindset, starting with rigorous baseline planning centered on right-to-left thinking (starting with the end in mind, much like construction)
  • Continually strive to shorten the schedule