Fluor Has Extensive Nuclear Operations Expertise.

Fluor brings its commercial operations and program management expertise to government clients, providing safe, dependable and value-added nuclear operations services. For more than seven decades, Fluor has assisted the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and international government agencies in stabilizing substantial quantities of high-level, hazardous nuclear materials.

Fluor's teams of experts provide the innovative practices that allow for the dramatic acceleration of stabilizing plutonium and spent nuclear fuel.

Fluor's nuclear-operations expertise includes:

  • Cleaning, decontaminating and removing/demolishing hundreds of highly contaminated radioactive and hazardous facilities, such as hot cells and nuclear materials processing plants
  • Conducting unique waste disposal operations, including processing, packaging, shipping of all types of nuclear waste for off-site disposal and operating on-site disposal facilities
  • Efficiently maintaining site infrastructure and providing support services
  • Remediating groundwater

Fluor has extensive expertise managing all aspects of spent nuclear fuel, including removing, treating, repackaging, transporting and storing spent fuel. Fluor also has experience safely managing, stabilizing, processing, protecting and accounting for large quantities of plutonium, highly enriched uranium and other special nuclear materials.

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