General Overview

AFCAP is a rapid response contingency contract tool for use by U.S. government entities needing urgent assistance worldwide.

It utilizes pre-qualified vendors accessible via cost reimbursement task orders and provides cost-effective, highly responsive solutions to meet urgent needs. Depending on urgency, requirements or task, contracts can be structured to firm-fixed-price, cost-plus fixed fee or cost-plus award fee task orders.


The AFCAP IV contract provides a full range of base operating/life support (BOS/BLS) and logistical support with a focus on emergency/contingency construction, logistics/commodities, and services. They are to support the Air Force, any DoD component, or any U.S. federal government entity operating to: deter, deny, and defeat state adversaries, disrupt, degrade, and defeat violent extremist organizations (VEOs), strengthen the global network of allies, and strengthen America’s foreign policy impact on strategic challenges.

Contractor Capabilities

Fluor has the resources and expertise to provide rapid response for a full range of base life/operating support and logistical support on an as-required basis.

Contact Information

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