Fluor is an Expert in Nuclear Waste Disposal

Fluor understands that liquid waste treatment and technology research and development are top priorities related to our nation's nuclear cleanup mandate. We are capable of processing low-level and high-level radioactive waste and developing plans for the onsite or offsite safe disposal of nuclear waste.

High-level radioactive wastes are the byproduct of several decades of nuclear materials production and reactor operations. High-level wastes take one of two forms: spent fuel accepted for disposal and waste materials remaining after spent fuel is reprocessed.

Fluor's experience in nuclear waste management, storage and disposition of nuclear materials and radiochemical processing has been proven at various nuclear sites: Magnox, Bethel Valley, Savannah River, Hanford, Oak Ridge, Idaho and Fernald.

We have played a significant role providing the technical foundation for liquid waste operations that remove heavy metals, organic and corrosive chemicals, as well as other wastewater contaminants. We have also contributed to the packaging and shipping of transuranic waste at multiple sites.

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