Secure Services – Intelligence Community Support

Fluor provides full life-cycle infrastructure support to the U.S. Intelligence Community globally. We provide design-build, operations and maintenance, life support and logistics services, including contingency environments.

Fluor augmented its secure services capabilities with the acquisition of J. Crowder Corporation in 2013, bringing strong experience in secure fit out, critical infrastructure and ICD 705 compliant data facility construction.

Fluor employs trades with the required security clearances and who are knowledgeable in ICD 705 requirements, to include TEMPEST and HEMP, STC (Sound Transmission Class) ratings and physical security standards. Fluor's secure services projects typically receive full accreditation by the owner and governing security personnel on the first submission, with no required modifications.

SCIFs (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities)

Secure construction and SCIF construction are specialized niches within the construction industry, requiring an in-depth understanding of ICD and DSS governing documents. Each SCIF project is unique, requiring a different approach based on the proposed site location and existing conditions. Fluor focuses on the self-performance of SCIF renovation and fit-out requirements. Each SCIF has unique architectural, mechanical, electrical, communications and security requirements dependent on the level of safeguards. Fluor-cleared personnel assist our customers to determine the SCIF construction requirements.

The Fluor team also assists with the creation of the construction security plan, which is submitted for approval from the accrediting authority. A Fluor SCIF project is not considered complete until it has received proper accreditation from the Client's security personnel and governing bodies. Our cleared personnel are well versed in the strict SCIF specifications detailed in Government Intelligence Community Directive 705. Every Fluor SCIF construction project has been accredited on the first attempt, with no required modifications.

SCIF facility key items to address for accreditation include:

  • Construction Security Plan Acoustical Secure Wall Construction UL Labeled Alarm Installations Access Control Systems
  • Forced Entry I Ballistic Rated Entrance Devices
  • Sound and Acoustical Treatments
  • Electrical Isolation and Power Distribution
  • 24/7 Power and HVAC Systems
  • Intrusion Detection Systems
  • Separate Power and Communication Distribution Systems
  • Radio Frequency Mitigation
  • RF Shielding
  • Perimeter Penetrations
  • Man – Traps