Fluor Utilities and Offsites (U&O) Experience Spans All Energy & Chemicals Segments.

Utilities & Offsites support facilities typically constitute 20 - 50 percent of a project's total installed cost. Fluor engineers have technical and practical expertise in the conceptual design, expansion and long-range planning of these U&O facilities. The main U&O systems include:



  • Firewater System
  • Flare System
  • Flushing Oil
  • Interconnecting Piping
  • Loading / Unloading
  • Tankage & Storage: Atmospheric, Pressure and Refrigerated
  • Waste Water Treatment

Fluor's U&O experience offers clients a variety of features to address individual project needs. Acting as the project manager, Fluor is capable of executing and integrating the work of various onsite unit designs. Furthermore, Fluor offers clients solutions to troubleshoot and analyze complex U&O problems.

Several of Fluor's technical experts are recognized within the U&O industry and actively serve on the AIChE and API committees.