Fluor Brings Cost-competitiveness and Delivery Certainty to Sustaining Capital Projects.

Fluor delivers full-service engineering, procurement and construction/construction management services for brownfield small capital projects with the expertise and innovative solutions required to keep facilities running reliably, safely and cost effectively.

Our proven work processes and project execution models are scaled to fit for streamlined execution of projects ranging from $1,000 work orders to $50 million improvements.

Fluor’s regional offices provide cost-competitive, local solutions for plant engineering and small capital, brownfield projects. Teams leverage our global subject matter experts, innovative tools and data analytics for quick and flexible responses to client needs.

Long-term Relationships

Fluor has long-term relationships in place with leading oil, gas and chemical companies.

Under these partnerships, Fluor teams are integrated into owner organizations for a joint focus on execution, long-term behavior changes, more accountable view of work execution and progress measurement on improvements.

We assist clients in prioritizing and defining projects, managing cash flow and providing small project and plant engineering services safely to keep facilities running efficiently. Services include:

  • Project planning and development
  • Multi-discipline engineering
  • Procurement
  • Construction and construction management
  • Program management
  • Quality management
  • Health, safety and environmental design and management

Broad Variety of Execution Models

Fluor has successfully implemented a broad variety of execution models for sustaining capital projects.

We have a variety of established execution models, ranging from fully self-supporting site teams to home office execution supported by a small team onsite for data collection and client collaboration. As business needs shift, we can quickly adjust to ensure the optimum configuration.

Margin and Profitability Improvement

A leader in maximizing return on investment, Fluor works with refineries and facility operators to enhance profitability by:

  • Maximizing operating efficiencies and turning replacement-in-kind projects into profit generators
  • Reducing operating costs through optimizing utilities and reducing catalyst and chemicals consumption
  • Providing engineering solutions to reduce turnaround schedule durations.

Revamp Experience in an Operating Environment

Fluor understands the complexities of revamp projects in an operating environment.

Our sustaining capital projects teams use our modular design and construction best practices to deliver cost and schedule certainty and safe project implementation. Areas of expertise include coke drum replacement, exchanger replacement and delta valve installation.

Environmental and Regulatory Compliance

Our global experts develop regulatory compliance project solutions with cost and schedule predictability. In addition to corporate agreements with all major clean fuels licensors, our expertise includes:

  • Nitrogen oxide (NOx) reduction
  • Sulfur oxide (SOx) reduction
  • Sulfur emission reduction
  • Tier 3 ultra-low sulfur fuel standards
  • Emissions particulates
  • Layer of protection analysis (LOPA)
  • Modularization approach to minimize impact during simultaneous operations

Electrical Infrastructure Improvements

Fluor experts perform risk assessments to prioritize electrical infrastructure improvements, including substation replacement and upgrades. With modular solutions and high-voltage expertise, Fluor executes electrical infrastructure projects with minimum to no impact on the operating facility.

Procedures and Work Processes

Fluor has practices, procedures and work processes specifically designed for the execution of sustaining capital projects.

This approach ensures fit-for-purpose solutions with a focus on safety, excellence and quality.