A Global Leader in Design and Implementation of Clean Fuels Projects

The world's refineries are facing a challenging future with increasingly tighter environmental regulations. Refiners seek innovative, cost-effective and proven project solutions to produce cleaner fuels. Fluor's clean fuels experience encompasses a full spectrum of services from studies through detailed engineering and construction of new and revamped gasoline and diesel production facilities.

As a global leader in the design and implementation of clean fuels projects, Fluor has a broad understanding of the issues related to high-pressure hydroprocessing and has experience working with catalyst vendors, technology providers and equipment vendors. Many of these projects are revamp in nature and require significant integration into existing refinery operations. This knowledge translates into an optimum process configuration and a more accurate estimate.

Fluor has extensive experience executing hydroprocessing designs from several licensors and has been retained by some of the licensors to prepare type "A" packages and detail designs for their clients. Our technical experts also design distillate and gas oil hydrotreating units based on open-art technology without licensor input.

Over the years, Fluor has participated in the development of improved process and mechanical design features and has specified and selected equipment and materials using state-of-the-art technology. Fluor is the leading contractor for several first-of-a-kind plants using the latest licensed commercial processes for FCC naphtha desulfurization.