Floating Production Storage and Offloading Systems (FPSO)

Offshore floating production storage and offloading systems (FPSO) help achieve early production of offshore fields, eliminate the need for onshore facilities and pipeline infrastructure for oil evacuation and provide enhanced project economics with FPSOs residual value at field abandonment.

Fluor ranks among the few global companies with a proven record of providing solutions for floating oil and gas production systems. We plan the execution of these projects in detail, from front-end engineering to offshore installation, start-up and initial production. Fluor's global resume of floating production facilities expertise includes:

  • FPSO
  • Floating production drilling storage and offloading (FPDSO)
  • Floating storage and offloading (FSO)
  • Floating storage regasification unit (FSRU)
  • Flow assurance
  • FPSO hulls
  • Motion design impact on FPSO integrity and operability:
    • Governing motions are heave, roll and pitch
    • Governing deflections are hogging and sagging
  • Pipelines, flow lines and risers

Fluor's Global Offshore Expertise

Fluor's global resume of offshore work provides clients confidence their projects will be delivered safely and with quality. Based on the challenging location and desired project performance criteria, Fluor uses a consultative approach to FEED and constructability. FPSO vessels are particularly effective in remote or deep water locations where seabed pipelines are not cost-effective.

FPSOs eliminate the need to lay expensive long-distance pipelines from the production facility to an onshore terminal. Floating platforms are also economical in smaller oil fields, where the expense of installing a fixed oil platform and pipeline cannot be justified. Once the field is depleted, FPSOs can be moved and used at a new location.

FPSOs / FPDSOs / FSOs may be purpose-built or converted from an oil tanker and can be permanently moored or have disconnectable moorings. In areas of the world that are subject to cyclones or icebergs, some FPSOs are able to release their mooring / riser turret and relocate to a safe location in an emergency. The turret sinks beneath the waves and can be reconnected later.

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