Offshore Brownfield Integration

Due to the remote locations of offshore work, the successful execution of brownfield integration projects is business critical. Given the large and complex project scope, the alignment of new and existing facilities encompasses FPSO, offshore platforms, and associated subsea tie-ins, pipelines, risers, manifolds and subsea facilities, all of which present facility integration challenges.

Fluor's experience resume and ongoing offshore presence provides clients confidence to successfully execute their challenging brownfield projects. As a leader in the EPC industry, Fluor offers the range of services from engineering, procurement, self-perform construction and construction management, and project management.

Fluor's proven experience in offshore brownfield integration helps drive cost and schedule certainty. Clients benefit from Fluor's discipline and early engineering planning that address potential brownfield integration issues. Key planning steps include:

  • Conduct a baseline survey of existing facilities and good information on as-builds
  • Confirm existing physical assets compared to as-built drawings and specifications, and correct deficiencies
  • Confirm production profile for life of field through flow assurance and verify pipelines, tie-ins, risers, and controls and mechanical equipment are adequate for new throughput
  • Make clear distinction between marine, process, and utility systems and get early involvement of the classification bureau to agree on which rules apply for each group of systems
  • Plan constructability reviews to ensure engineering and design maximizes efficiencies and safety throughout execution and start-up
  • Plan for upgrades by determining space available on existing facilities
  • Confirm load capacity on existing structure and decks of platforms and FPSO
  • Combine combining new components and existing facilities, so it is essential to understand and appreciate how they are interrelated from physical, process, hook-up and commissioning and operating perspectives
  • Disruption to ongoing production for brownfield work usually cannot be avoided, therefore it is a critical responsibility of the brownfield engineering team to identify and minimize full or partial production shutdowns
  • Plan for additional deluge, firefighting and safety equipment
  • Develop safety plans that focus on the co-existence of brownfield “hot” work with ongoing production, and mitigate for the safety challenges unique to brownfield projects compared to greenfield builds.

Fluor's global resume of offshore work provides clients confidence. Based on the challenging location and desired project performance criteria, Fluor uses a consultative approach to FEED and constructability to optimize clients' brownfield integration success.

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