Offshore - Harsh Climate Conditions and Remote Locations Experience

The easy oil and gas has been found. Today's field development projects are in isolated locations lacking infrastructure or established means of product export, and are frequently complicated by delicate or hostile environments. Despite these challenges, the pressure for accelerated project schedules is greater than ever.

Fluor's experience in design and construction of projects has taken us to remote regions around the globe. The special concerns of workforce management and accommodation camps, transportation logistics, marshaling yards, remote fabrication and seasonal access are not new to us. This experience allows Fluor to provide clients with schedule and cost confidence as they assess and execute these challenging projects. Key planning considerations include:

  • Absence of local workforce or infrastructure
  • Civil and structural design concerns, such as ventilated and insulated foundations, for arctic conditions including permafrost
  • Emergency weather condition and location considerations, such as cyclones or icebergs
  • Isolated locations with extreme terrains (mountains, jungles, swamps, deserts, arctic)
  • Narrow weather windows
  • Remote from tidewater, with the constraints of land transport logistics and cost
  • Site accessibility issues, such as transport only by air and winter ice roads

Experience in Harsh Environments

Working in cold environments can be dangerous. Weather conditions can cause major delays. Fluor offers the experience acquired from a multitude of previous and ongoing work in the arctic and other cold climate areas, to provide engineering, design, fabrication and management services for capital projects.

Fluor's experience incorporates the blend of construction knowledge, design expertise and major project execution required to complete projects in the arctic and similar areas. Fluor's experience for such projects includes:

  • Assessing modular construction strategies
  • Conceptual designs and analyses
  • Construction planning
  • Economic / site / route evaluations
  • Environmental studies
  • Material and construction bid packages
  • Operation and maintenance manuals
  • Procurement and logistics
  • Project planning and scheduling

Fluor's highly skilled technical experts embrace client challenges, such as building a minimum structure in a seismically active location to designing a 12,000 ton float-over placed in ice pack conditions.

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