Subsea Pipelines and Flow Assurance

Fluor has designed some of the world's largest and longest offshore pipelines, successfully designing pipelines and flowlines to carry oil, gas, multi-phase production, gas condensate and liquefied natural gas (LNG). Fluor provides engineering, fabrication, procurement, construction management and project management, as well as operation and maintenance services, on subsea and deep water projects around the world.

Engineering design expertise includes:

  • Configurations of pipe-in-pipe, bundles, heated pipelines, wet insulated and single pipelines
  • Shallow to ultra-deep water
  • Short tiebacks to long step-outs, complicated subsea architecture and export pipelines
  • Upheaval / lateral buckling analysis

Fluor Offshore Solutions has an experienced staff in deep water riser design including:

  • Flexible risers
  • Hybrid risers
  • Installation analysis
  • Riser towers
  • Sage profile analysis of the profile and span length of a large diameter offshore pipeline
  • Steel catenary risers
  • Top tension risers
  • Vortex Induced Vibration (VIV) analysis

Flow Assurance

  • Consideration of new and emerging technologies, such as low dosage hydrate inhibitors and subsea processing
  • Fluent® / CFX® / ANSYS® / Abaqus® for FEA analysis of complex localized flow and heat transfer, and solidification / melting
  • OLGA® simulation of the operation to clear accumulated liquid in a steep uphill section of a subsea flowline.
  • OLGA / PVTsim flow assurance and fluid characterization simulators for addressing transient operational issues
  • PIPEPHASE® / PIPESIM® steady-state, multi-phase flow simulation software for analyzing normal operations