Technology Selection to Full-cycle EPC(M) for Gasification Projects

Gasification generates green hydrogen and other low-carbon fuels and feedstocks from waste and biomass. With 40 years of gasification experience, Fluor helps clients plan, design and build the optimal gasification, waste/biomass to power and waste/biomass to hydrogen projects to fit their needs.

Gasification for Hydrogen Generation - Waste/Biomass to Hydrogen

A challenge with gasification-derived hydrogen is achieving the required hydrogen availability. Fluor's experience designing refinery hydrogen plants and associated hydrogen purification systems helps develop cost-effective gasification projects that maximize hydrogen production.

When carbon capture technology is applied to the syngas shifted by gasification, the hydrogen generated can be reduced to lower carbon intensity or net zero.

Gasification for Synthetic Natural Gas, Liquids and Chemical Feedstock

Gasification facilities are often designed to produce multiple products. Production of synthetic natural gas, liquids or chemical feedstocks like carbon monoxide, hydrogen and sulfuric acid creates opportunities for design synergies and may improve operating flexibility. Fluor provides experience and capabilities for facilities using gasifier products such as integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) for power generation and methanol, ammonia and urea synthesis units.

A product's carbon intensity can be reduced to meet decarbonization goals with utilization of biomass and waste feedstocks. It can be further reduced with pre-combustion carbon capture technologies like the Fluor Solventâ„  Process.

Fluor offers technical and professional services for gasification projects:

  • Economic evaluation and cost estimating
  • Feedstock, technology and product evaluation
  • Full-cycle engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services
  • Technology integration

Fluor offers supporting technology expertise for gasification projects including:

  • Gas treating
  • Sulfur recovery
  • Carbon dioxide capture and compression
  • Combined cycle power generation
  • Product synthesis

diagram of gasification end product options

Gasification product flexibility provides the opportunity for many lower carbon intensity end product options that can be optimized to fit the client's needs.