Gas Processing, Gas Treating and NGL Recovery Technologies

Fluor constructed the world's first turbo-expander plant for natural gas liquids (NGL) extraction in 1962. We continue to build on our position as a technology leader for the natural gas industry, with experience extending to more than 200 gas plants worldwide, assisting clients with a full range of expertise essential to maximizing return on conventional, unconventional and specialized gas assets. This expertise includes solutions for gas processing, treating and NGL recovery, as well as liquefied natural gas (LNG) and other technologies and strategies for monetization of remote or “stranded” gas.

Fluor's extensive gas-related project experience includes:

  • CO2, Nitrogen and Acid Gas Compression Systems for Sequestration, Enhanced Oil Recovery and Reservoir Pressure Maintenance
  • Gas Compression Systems for Transportation, Underground Storage and Reservoir Pressure Maintenance
  • Gas Treatment
  • LNG Liquefaction and LNG Regasification
  • NGL Recovery and Fractionation
  • Unconventional Gas Production

In addition, Fluor licenses several gas treating and NGL recovery technologies including:

  • Fluor SolventSM Process uses a dry propylene carbonate solvent to remove H2S and CO2 from gas streams.
  • Econamine and Improved EconamineSM use diglycolamine as the aqueous solvent for H2S and CO2 removal from gas streams.
  • Fluor EconoSolvSM uses dimethyl ether of polyethylene glycol as a solvent for removal of contaminants such as H2S, CO2, COS, mercaptans and others. Selective removal is also possible.
  • Cryo-GasSM Process is a full suite of patented turbo-expander based processes for NGL recovery, including C2+, C3+ and switchable C2+/C3+ recovery processes. Propane recoveries up to 99.9% and ethane recoveries in excess of 90% are achievable.

Fluor has a long and successful history of working with all the major technology providers of gas processing and gas treating technology.