Technical and EPC Services for Green and Sustainable Chemicals

With 100 years of EPC experience in the chemicals and polymers market, Fluor supports clients in developing and implementing all methods of green chemicals production including using renewable feedstocks, green processes, recycling and asset decarbonization.

Fluor scales first-of-a-kind technologies for demonstration and commercial-scale facilities to fit the needs of its clients.

Every year, Fluor executes hundreds of studies, including cost estimates, that provide the information clients need to validate commercial and execution objectives. For example, Fluor has collaborated with several clients and licensors in the past decade to deploy green and/or blue carbon-free methanol and ammonia solutions.

Fluor offers solutions in numerous green chemicals markets:

  • Biodegradable polylactic acid from corn, sugarcane or other bio feedstocks
  • Green polyurethane produced from green polyols (plastics recycling) and bio polyols (vegetable oils)
  • Green ethylene via dehydration of bio-ethanol
  • Ethanol and other bio-alcohols from fermentation of sugarcane, corn, sugar beets or biomass
  • Low-energy catalyzed pathways such as ethylene from oxidative dehydrogenation of ethane
  • Acetic acid from renewable ethanol
  • Green ammonia produced from green hydrogen using renewable power
  • Methanol, ethanol and other alcohols from biomass gasification or other renewable syngas sources
  • Alternative cracker feedstocks such as pyrolysis oil from waste plastic and bio-naphtha
  • Butadiene from fermentation of sugars via 1,3-butanediol
  • Ethylene glycol and propylene glycol from sugars or glycerin
  • Decarbonization of existing energy intensive processes such as e-cracker
  • Biosurfactants produced from soya, palm, rapeseed and coconut oils