EPC Services for Methanol Processes

Over the past 30 years, Fluor has delivered more than 60 projects in the methanol industry.

Fluor’s methanol experience covers all methanol licensors, autothermal reforming (ATR), steam methane reforming (SMR), gasification and combinations, in various capacities.

Our proven process technology and global project execution expertise provide clients with solutions to meet commodity and specialty chemicals, polymers and petrochemical needs.

Capital-Efficient Facilities

Fluor provides innovative and capital-efficient design and build solutions for methanol facilities of varying sizes across the globe.

Our extensive methanol experience is combined with our solutions that span engineering, procurement, construction (EPC), and project management. The result is capital-efficient projects with safety in design, cost and schedule predictability and assurance of quality.

Technology to Reduce Environmental Impact and Enhance Capacity Up to 35%

Fluor’s Econamine FG PlusSM technology is a carbon dioxide (CO2) recovery process specially designed to capture CO2 from low-pressure, oxygen-containing streams. Adding CO2 as an additional feedstock and adding a purge reactor can increase methanol production up to 35 percent.

Additionally, recovering CO2 from the SMR flue gas provides security of the CO2 supply and reduces emissions.

Learn more about Fluor’s Econamine FG Plus technology.

Cost-Effective Facility Conversions

Fluor has a patent-pending technology that cost-effectively converts a substitute natural gas (SNG) plant into a methanol synthesis plant.

Plant owners benefit from increased revenues and profitability, as well as a significantly reduced environmental impact, as carbon emissions are reduced by more than 90 percent.