Technical and EPC Services for Recycling and the Circular Economy

With 100 years of EPC experience in the chemicals and polymers market, Fluor supports clients in all methods of recycling. In particular, Fluor delivers exceptional value in developing and implementing chemicals (tertiary) recycling to advance the chemicals circular economy.

As chemical and plastic recycling technologies are further developed, Fluor can work with our clients to address scalability challenges in moving from concept to commercial operations.

Fluor's technical and professional solutions help clients optimize capital and operating costs for recycling facilities:

  • Feedstock. Apply global expertise in material handling and feedstock preparation.
  • Process technology. Enhance designs, address operating challenges and explore refinery/petrochemical integration.
  • Equipment. Collaborate with clients, licensors and vendors to select and optimize equipment.
  • First-of-a-kind and scale-up. Develop technically and economically viable commercial operations.
  • Energy efficiency. Increase life-cycle efficiency through heat integration, energy optimization and design benchmarking.
  • Start-up, operations and optimization. Offer critical troubleshooting services to assure client’s operations meet production targets.

Solutions for the Entire Recycling Process

Fluor addresses the circular economy challenges via feedstock separation, recycle process and the integration of recycle streams back into the refinery and petrochemical process.

diagram of recycling process

Source: Materials Recycling - Trends and Perspectives, "Recent Advances in the Chemical Recycling of Polymers (PP, PS, LDPE, HDPE, PVC, PC, Nylon, PMMS)", Dimitris S. Achilias et al., Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki, Greece