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Jack Penley

Jack Penley

Senior Vice President, Construction & Fabrication

Jack Penley is senior vice president of Fluor's global Construction & Fabrication organization. In his 30-plus-year career, Mr. Penley has overseen the successful completion of several of Fluor's largest, most complex construction projects, spanning a wide range of industries, contract arrangements and execution approaches.

In his role overseeing Fluor's Construction & Fabrication organization, Mr. Penley is responsible for the safe execution of construction projects globally and for ensuring that the company's practices, procedures and automation tools related to construction execution are best in class.

Throughout his career, Mr. Penley has focused on continuous improvement and innovation to advance Fluor and the construction industry. Under his leadership, best practices like advanced work packaging and integrated scaffolding have become standard companywide and work processes have been refined to enhance project execution.

Mr. Penley works tirelessly with Fluor's Corporate Health, Safety & Environmental and Engineering organizations to keep site worker safety foremost in mind. Through improved design and strengthened execution methods, he is committed to providing the safest possible jobsite for anyone working on a Fluor project.

Mr. Penley is an advocate for employee development, committed to growing the industry's next generation of construction leadership.

Mr. Penley has supported many community development efforts during his project assignments over the years.

Mr. Penley serves on the Construction Industry Institute's Executive Committee. He is also a member of the University of Houston College of Technology's Construction Management Industry Advisory Board and actively supports the Fluor-University of Houston Industrial Construction Management Education Partnership.