Wellhead Gathering System Network Optimization

Wellhead Gathering System Network Optimization


Fluor's engineering experts are familiar with evaluating and implementing solutions to optimize wellhead gas gathering. Wellhead gas must usually undergo some initial processing for transport by pipeline to the plant where the gas is conditioned to meet final pipeline specification and, where applicable, NGL is extracted. Typical wellhead fluid processing includes the separation of oil, gas, and free water phases as well as, at times, condensate stabilization.

Usually some form of hydrate prevention (e.g. glycol contacting or methanol inhibitor injection) is required for the gas, although the requirements are usually less stringent than those of the main gas processing plant. The pipeline can either be operated in two phase gas/liquid flow or as a single phase. For single gas phase pipelines, a hydrocarbon dew point limit is set; however, this is usually less stringent than sales gas pipeline specification.

Fluor's team of hydrocarbon transportation experts understand the extent of processing natural gas from the wellhead to the sales gas pipeline. Fluor offers clients a network of relevant proprietary technologies to optimize their gas gathering process.

Client Benefits

The gas gathering from the wellheads and processing operations downstream significantly impacts the marginal cost of gas production. Processors must consider implementing new, innovative ideas as well as commonly known concepts into their processing facilities to boost their efficiency. Fluor has experience with proven approaches associated with gas dehydration, management of plant inlet liquid slugs, acid gas removal, sulfur recovery, gas dew point control and NGL recovery to provide cost effective gas processing for both new and existing facilities.