Ultra-Deepwater Hybrid Riser Systems

Ultra-Deepwater Hybrid Riser Systems


Fluor's Ultra-Deepwater Hybrid Riser Systems can be configured such that all of the disadvantages of known systems and methods can be overcome in a conceptually simple and effective manner. Fluor's Hybrid Riser Systems comprise of multiple riser lines which are coupled to a hybrid riser tower via a divider, wherein the coupling elements are configured to allow coupling and uncoupling operation using a remote operated vehicle under water.

Contemplated hybrid riser towers are configured such that individual riser lines can be added or removed via submarine ROV. Most preferably, riser lines are made from a housing and syntactic foam that encloses a riser pipe to provide insulation and buoyancy. In further preferred aspects, hybrid riser towers are coupled to each other via a truss to allow expansion via Steel Catenary Risers and/or to provide a riser porch.

Client Benefits

Fluor's Ultra-Deepwater Hybrid Riser Systems technology innovations allows for the maintenance and repair of flowlines and risers in deepwater applications to extend the production life of the reservoir, and provides for expansion of flowlines to a host facility.